“At Kering, sustainability is everyone’s business. We believe in it not only because it is the right thing to do, but because sustainable business is smart business. In fact, in my view, the businesses that consider their impacts on the environment and society, and re-orient there practices to deliver not only financial value but also value more broadly for nature and for people will prosper in the future. And conversely, the companies that bury their heads in the sand and think they can continue ‘as usual’ will simply not last.

“As our industry continues to develop and our business grows, we need successive generations to keep driving change. Identifying and nurturing talent is critical. In my view, nothing is more important than providing the framework to educate and inspire the next generation to act and become the change-makers we will need to address our future challenges.

“And if we get this right they will emerge with a creative talent directed not only at creating beauty, but showing us all how beauty, design, creativity, innovation, and sustainability can co-exist.”

— François-Henri Pinault, chairman and chief executive of Kering, formerly known as the PPR Group, speaking about the luxury conglomerate’s new five-year partnership with the London College of Fashion to promote excellence in sustainable clothing design.