You know how much we love upcycled couture, and Canadian design house Preloved is no exception with its quirky and unique garments made of leftover clothing stock. In 2008 alone, it salvaged 60,000 wool sweaters, 12,000 T-shirts, 5,000 dress shirts, and 6,000 trench coats—and it’s still going strong! We believe in our heart of hearts that we loved Preloved way before we even came across the label (as its name implies), and we think you’ll feel the same about it, too.

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We first came across the inventive clothier when we became neighbors in the Green Room at Designers & Agents LA last June. We quickly noticed how popular its Frankensteinesque (in a good way) creations were with buyers, and we knew we had to check it our for ourselves. This year, we were lucky enough to bump into Preloved again in February at D&A in NYC. The eclectic collection was even more droolworthy than the last, with colorful stripes paired with delicate Fair Isle and brocade. Fabrics with old-school written all over them rebuilt into modern, wearable shapes.

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Preloved was founded in 1995 by former model Julia Grieve, and it boasts the creative prowess of designer Peter Friesen. The covetable collections can be found at retail locations throughout Canada and Australia, as well as at Urban Outfitters stores in the United States.

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