Photos by Brit Liggett for Ecouterre

Who needs fur when you could have faux as flirty and fun as the foxy stoles and multi-“tailed” boleros that came floating down the catwalk for Suzanne Rae’s Fall 2012 showcase? Housed inside the Box at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the show was a moody mix of inspiration. (Rae describes channelling the spirits of Jim Morrison, Aldous Huxley and William Blake.) Much of the line was highly wearable—think structured sheath dresses and versatile trousers—with some more avant garde pieces like this jellyfish-like creation that elevated the line from mundane to musical. We found ourselves especially fond of details like deep-cowl back lines, fringed necks, and attached capes as well as Rae’s foray into mimicking the drape and feel of fur with classic materials like velvet and cotton. Stay tuned to learn more about the statement she was hoping to make with her faux fur accouterment and find out what a “suzanimal” is.

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The inspiration for Rae’s Fall 2012 collection was “The internal revolution, as per Jim Morrison, as per Aldous Huxley, as per William Blake,” Rae explained to Ecouterre. “So it’s a bit rock and roll, a bit poetic.” We saw figurative references to those three visionaries in the subtlety of the clothing (details that you really had to look closely for such as the fur and woodgrain prints on silk designed in collaboration with NYC artist SamDakota) as well as more literal interpretations like high waisted pants and and a cape blouse that we could actually see any of these men wearing in real life.

Per usual, Suzanne Rae Fall Winter 2012 will be produced in NYC. The fabrics used were all natural fibers including silks and wools. Aside from being locally and ethically made, this season’s collection focused on spotlighting some cheeky cruelty-free fur alternatives. We asked Ms. Rae about her “suzanimal” stole, which is printed with a graphic representation of a fox.

“Oh yeah. I really love the look of those old school fur stoles from the 30s. But with more awareness, I have realized the difficulties that come with that look,” Rae told us. “So with artist SamDakota we worked on a fun play on that aesthetic, and it was such a great process. Dakota made the drawings and then he silkscreened them by hand. He’s brilliant.”

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