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Both with backgrounds in design and fashion, Cosgrove and Polo wanted to create a brand that reflected their own ethical values. “We’ve always lived a sustainable lifestyle,” Cosgrove told Ecouterre. “It was almost second nature for us to start a line that matched that.” Each of Svilu pieces are manufactured in NYC’s Garment District where Cosgrove and Polo know every one of their factory workers. Cosgrove and Polo joked that they almost spend too much time there!

Founded last year in 2012, Svilu debuted their Fall/Winter 2013 collection which includes a lovely sweater made from virgin, undyed wool that came straight from the sheep. They also have a gorgeous long-sleeve sweater dress made from dead stock fabric, like cashmere and wool, from an Italian mill they work with.

And to make sure there’s transparency between Svilu and their consumers, their hang tags come with a sticker explaining the materials used in making the piece of clothing and how choosing an sustainable materials helps reduce the carbon footprint. In addition to virgin wool and dead stock fabric, they also use certified organic cottontencel, silk, and NewLife yarn (polyester made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles) making Svilu an all-around environmentally friendly brand.

For their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, get ready to don a beautiful ochre-colored trench, flattering boat-patterned dress and sleek navy suit. Check out the rest of the line in the slideshow!

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