Two of the most expensive sweaters sold in Myanmar (also called Burma) were not made by a hot designer–  but instead by National League for Democracy chairperson and former political prisoner, Aung San Suu Kyi. In a fundraiser for the opposition party, Suu Kyi’s sweaters were auctioned for a total of $123,000, which will be used to incite change in the former military-ruled country. The politician hand made the sweaters twenty five years ago when juggling work, school and raising two children.

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A former Nobel Prize winner, Suu Kyi has been thrown into the spotlight as Myanmar enters a democratic state after fifty years of military rule. The once political prisoner and daughter of independence advocate Aung San, is loved by the locals for her dedication to Myanmar, choosing to remain in the country rather than returning to her two sons in England.

Beloved by the people, bidders were excited to have the chance to get their hands on a piece knit by Suu Kyi herself, for a good cause. One red, green and blue V-neck sweater sold for a whopping $49,000 to a local radio station, while another floral design sweater brought in $74,120!

Aside from bringing the new owners warmth, Suu Kyi chose to auction off these handmade sweaters as a symbol to the people of Myanmar, showing them that remaining diligent instead of idle will bring progress.

Suu Kyi has become a symbol of hope for the people of Myanmar, her National League for Democracy party has staged the fundraising events to benefit education of underprivileged children and community health projects. The $123,000 raised through the sweater sales will go to directly to aid the people.

[Via Associated Press]