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The brain behind the designs is founder Ann Chen, who put these values at the core of the company with the overall hope of empowering vulnerable communities through sales and donations. On their website they note that they prioritize “social equity, pays fair wages, and meets the highest standards of work place safety.” By partnering up with Farm Africa, LifeSaver Systems, and Operation Warm, Swellas keeps a focus on social good. And although remnant fabrics will not always be available, sustainability remains a top priority so the team promise to upcycle wherever possible.

So following on from their exciting debut, how might Swellas evolve? “We want to build a strong foundation around our One For Three movement,” Chen tells Ecouterre. “Our success will enable us to collaborate with brands and organizations who shares the same value, allowing us to provide in-kind assistance in more ways than we could ever imagine.”

For more information or a peek at the full collection take a look at the official website below.

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