Avid football fans won’t be caught offside with these unique repurposed necklaces made by Swiss jewelry artist, Noémie Doge. Derived from old footballs from different corners of the world, each of the worn leather hexagonal pieces are crafted into unique necklaces that were once used by kids trying to bend it like Beckham.

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Part of a series called “Podosphaïrophilie”—a combination of the Greek word “podosphairos” (football) and “phile” (the art of collection)—each repurposed necklace carries with it a sense of history.

Part of a series called “Podosphaïrophilie,” each repurposed necklace carries with it a sense of history.

Doge says her work offers a “richness that doesn’t come from the preciousness of materials but from a visual strength, primitively symbolic of the object.” Pieces from the Podosphaïrophilie collection have been exhibited in Geneva, Bern, Solothurn, London, and Amsterdam, and you can currently view them at the Caroline Van Hoek Gallery in Brussels.

+ Noémie Doge