New apparel brand Tahaanga is dedicated to producing cool and functional garments for men with a commitment to sustainability. While the collection is designed in New York, all the fabrics are produced in Italy using recycled plastic. This not only helps to prevent the materials heading straight to the landfill, but also cuts water consumption and energy usage in the production. The brand prides itself on this sustainable element to their designs, using the latest technological advances in the fashion industry to keep the brand eco-friendly, while ensuring the collection remains stylish and fully functional.

Aside from their commitment to sustainability Tahaanga’s range tries to fulfil all possible needs, aimed at men who lead active lives, need business wear or who travel often. Designed with all these possibilities in mind, the brand’s shirts are also pretty self-sufficient: wrinkle resistant, non iron and odor resistant, all very handy characteristics for an urbanite on the run.

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Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company’s eco-friendly values and designs look set to be well-received.

+ Tahaanga