First it was Walmart, now retail giant Target will be addressing toxic chemicals in the products that line their shelves. Thanks to consumers around the country advocating for safer products, Target has responded by announcing a plan to review the 7,500 household and personal care products it offers. After reviewing the products, the retailer will let shoppers know which products contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

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Frustrated consumers looking for better regulations of household and beauty products are taking measures into their own hands, since governmental regulations seem to be stalled.  The loose regulations have spurred consumer groups to rally and encourage their beloved retailers to deal with matters themselves. This grass roots movement can be just as effective as government regulations, proving that sometimes the consumer has the power to change the market.

The proof is in the pudding. Retail giant Walmart has already vowed, and now starting next month, Target will begin its new standard on products. This year, Target will reevaluate cleaning, personal care and beauty , and baby care products, and even extend the investigation to cosmetics in 2014. The company will also monitor new products that it will distribute in the future. This forced transparency of product ingredients will not only help consumers choose what is best for them, but also force manufacturers to reconsider the products they make.

Target’s plan is to create a 100 point scale system, which will rate products based on ingredients, package recyclability, and animal testing.

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