These stunning wooden clutch bags come from Tesler + Mendelovitch who make sure all of the wood they use is sourced from sustainably managed forests across the globe. The team behind the designs hand makes each wooden bag to order, ensuring that there is minimum wood wasted. For this reason each piece of veneer is meticulously measured and used to form these eco-friendly clutches.

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The whole philosophy behind their designs is to keep the clutches stylish, fashionable yet simple, and enduring; they do not cater to trends. Speaking to Ecouterre they said they hope their designs will be relevant for a long time. “We work with mathematical aesthetics,” they said in an email, “and do not interfere with the tone of wood to match this seasons color palette.”

As well as the design itself being thoroughly thought through the team even send out the clutch in a handmade wooden case. This packaging, they say, is intended to last and be of longtime use to the wearer.

They said they practice working techniques that don’t require mass production. Instead they try to make personal designs that has a minimum amount of material leftover. While the designs speak for themselves in terms of their beauty, the sound sense of sustainability gives them a touch of eco-consciousness we love.

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