Textile Exchange (formerly Organic Exchange) has launched “Farm Hub,” a new website for folks who are interested in organic cotton and the role it plays in global sustainability. By providing a one-stop destination for producers, buyers, and wearers of organic cotton, the nonprofit aims to facilitate collaboration and communication among the groups. The eventual goal? To scale up production and make organic cotton the default, rather than the alternative.

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Funded by ICCO, a Dutch development agency, Farm Hub includes a “Find a Producer” interactive web tool that allows buyers to search for growers by location, product type (organic, fair trade, transitional), certification, and name.

The “Find a Producer” tool allows buyers to search for growers by location, product type, certification, and name.

If you’re an organic-agriculture neophyte, the “Learning Zone” presents a visual “learning journey” that takes you from fiber to fashion. A color-coded map also provides, at a glance, the leading growing regions around the world, from the United States (California, New Mexico, Texas) to China (Xinjiang District).

Farm Hub is still a work in progress. “Over the next few months and beyond, we will continue to add to content and accessibility,” Textile Exchange writes in its Monthly Farm Bulletin for March. “For example, we are committed to translating much more of our material into French and Spanish. We will also be continually building our portfolio of videos and audios, and we invite you to tell us what you want to see in the Hub.”

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