To celebrate their 40th birthday, The Body Shop is launching a new commitment to become the world’s most ethical and sustainable business. The vigorous commitment will include programs in all facets of the business across the globe that will become totally active by 2020. Entitled Enrich Not Exploit, the commitment will target The Body Shop’s ingredients, products, packaging, stores, employees, suppliers and campaigns, making sure they are as sustainable and ethical as possible.

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Photo by TungCheung/Shutterstock

The Enrich Not Exploit Commitment was created to inspire a new generation customers, while reintroducing The Body Shop as a sustainable leader. Using good business as a catalyst for change, the commitment will focus on helping its customers, as well as the planet.

One element of the commitment is to double their Community Trade program from 19 to 40 ingredients, which means helping the communities that produce them. In this same vein, the plan will help employ 40,000 in these communities, while also dedicating biodiversity in these communities.

Sourcing and transparency is also important, the new commitment vows to ensure their natural ingredients are completely sustainably sourced, and totally traceable. Protecting the environment is a key to the commitment, including protecting 10,000 hectares of forest, as well as reduce their environmental footprint in all product categories.

This is just a snippet of the focus of the Enrich Not Exploit commitment, which will also cover regenerating habitats, reducing packaging waste, and cutting energy costs. By 2020, The Body Shop plans to be the leading model of ethical and sustainable business in the world.

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