The ecological benefits of Jung Dae Hoon’s conceptual bracelet-watch-phone hybrid might be somewhat of a stretch, but you have to admit that the Dial is one cool customer, with a light-projected rotary dial that responds to touch, along with interchangeable skins that transform its look from elegant to sporty to pure luxury in no time flat.

Dial by Jung Dae Hoon, wearable technology


Part mobile device, part fashion accessory, the Dial shoots out a beam of light corresponding to the digits on a phone. When you need to gab, simply place the Dial on the floor or palm of your hand, then select the desired number by touching the upper-dial sensor with your fingertips. (A built-in LCD screen keeps you on track.)

The Dial is part mobile device, part fashion accessory.

One thing’s for sure: With the Dial perched daintily on your wrist, you won’t have to upend your purse to silence your “Chariots of Fire” ringtone. That could get embarrassing really fast.

+ Jung Dae Hoon

[Via Yanko Design]