New York Fashion Week is always a blur of models, runway shows, parties and, of course, fabulous clothes. But this year, we were delighted to see something we feel very deeply about—sustainable clothing design—finally get its due. Dubbed The GreenShows, this groundbreaking array of our favorite green fashion designers took New York City by storm, giving eco-fashion a true presence at Fashion Week for the first time. We were honored to be there for this momentous occasion. Join us as we recap what the first inaugural GreenShows meant to us, and check out our exclusive footage (above) + another fabulous video by one of our favorite natural beauty lines, Suki, focusing on the sustainable makeup used at the shows!

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Of course, this wasn’t the first time that eco-fashion designers have shown during Fashion Week, but the organized nature of The GreenShows, along with the high caliber of the designers featured, was truly impressive.

In addition to eco-fashion pioneer Bahar Shahpar, who was a driving force in organizing the shows, Mr. Larkin, Izzy Lane, Lara Miller, Study by Tara St. James, Bodkin and House of Organic filled a roster of some of the hottest names in the eco-fashion world today. But did the collections live up to their reputations?

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We were pleasantly surprised at how innovative, fearless, and in many cases, startlingly beautiful the garments turned out to be. Breaking into fashion is difficult enough as it is—placing another hurdle in front of yourself by using only earth-friendly processes and eco-conscious materials is probably tantamount to career suicide.

Still, these seven intrepid designers somehow overcame that obstacle, making not only clothing, but a difference. It only took one look at the immaculately tailored shapes and sumptuous fabrics—which could have held their ground on any catwalk anywhere—to see that the naysayers who insisted that fashion couldn’t be sustainable and keep its edge were clearly, painfully wrong.


Even the makeup and nails at the show was nontoxic and natural. Check out Suki’s video below where she gets the inside scoop on the organic brands and poppy colors used!

We congratulate everyone involved in getting this massive and historic endeavor off the ground and can’t wait for the day that The GreenShows is a fixture in the tents at Damrosch Park. Next year, perhaps?

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