There’s no way to control the quality of your air when you’re walking around in the city or working near machines. But air pollution is so bad for our health that there has to be a way to improve our immediate surroundings. Enter the personal air filter like the Hand Tree by Alexandr Kostin. The wearable bracelet filter takes in smoke, pollution, dust and other harmful gases and breathes out cleaner air. Inspired by trees and plants, the Hand Tree filter is just one small filter, but if many people wore one it would act like a whole forest to clear the air.

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Alexandr Kostin’s Hand Tree concept is currently going through a design development program at Electrolux. Kostin’s recognized the problem between air quality and health and came up with a concept that could help improve one’s immediate surroundings. Since we don’t have whole city air filters yet, Kostin thought a personal one could help the problem. Inspired by plants, which take dirty air and and create clear air, the Hand Tree does the same thing.

Made from bioplastics, the Hand Tree is worn on the wrist and takes in air from the immediate surroundings and pumps out fresh and even a scent of the wearer’s choosing if they so want. One mode works to clean the air around the user when an obvious pollutant is present, while a second mode works to clear the air in general to reduce pollution. The device is charged wirelessly on a charging stand using Qi technology and the filter can be replaced when it is full. If everyone in the city where to wear such a device, the air would be decidedly cleaner.

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