We are already familiar with bamboo as a building material, clothing textile, and food. Versatile and attractive, the grain and texture of the plant makes for beautiful jewelry with a natural feel. The Harbinger Co. uses bamboo for their special and sustainable line of accessories. Crafted by laser cutter, the earrings, necklaces, and pendants are all inspired by the shapes of flower petals, honeycombs, and crystals.

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The Harbinger Co. is a business committed to environmental and social responsibility. All of their products are made and packaged in Southern California with eco-friendly materials. “We strive to recreate everyday objects into classic treasures- pieces that fell good to the hands, nice to the eyes, and friendly to the environment.” says co-founder Sonia Hung. Designed by sister Yvonne Hung, their bamboo jewelry takes advantage of one of the strongest, lightest, and fastest growing plants on earth. Shaped with a laser cutter, the intricate patterns are take their composition from natural forms.

Yvonne Hung began experimenting with a laser cutter while working on architectural models in design school. After becoming enamored with the tool, she started to make jewelry intended not only looked flattering, but emphasized the production method. The success of her work lead to the founding of the Harbinger Co. Although she has since left the business, her sister still maintains the collection and runs their website. Marrying the high tech with the simple and timeless beauty of bamboo, the Harbinger Co. proves that being sustainable is always in style.

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