Smartwatches could soon be the new craze putting the power of your smart phone straight onto your wrist. Soon you’ll be answering calls by cupping your hand to your ear and using gestures like hot keys to make calls, answer texts and check your Facebook status. The HOT Smartwatch will soon be on the market with its patented Hands On Talk technology. The watch syncs up with your phone, so you can leave that giant thing safely in your pocket or your purse and still make all your calls, send text and check basic info like updates, stocks and weather.

Your phone rings, but rather than pulling it out of your pocket or your purse, you simply raise your hand to your ear, cup your palm and start talking. That’s all thanks to the HOT Smartwatch, which is capable of understanding your gestures to make calls. A microphone and speaker inside the watch manage the sound and the cupping action of your hand ensures your calls are private.

From the simple display, you can also read and send text, check status updates, find info on stocks and see what the weather will be. The watch can also sync up with other apps to keep track of your runs, will alert you if you’ve moved to far away from your phone and forgotten it and can even send a message automatically to emergency personal if you’ve fallen down and hurt yourself. The HOT Smartwatch comes in four different models and starts off at $109 for a basic one.

+ HOT Smartwatch on Kickstarter

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[Via Springwise]