The “Lunar” watch by the Analog Watch Co. is one small step for a timepiece, one giant leap for time-keeping. Developed in collaboration with the Russian Federal Space Agency, the watch is the world’s first made from genuine moon rock, as gathered by the Soviet Union’s “Luna” probe in 1974. Due to the rarity of the material, which scientists estimate to be 4.5 billion years old— “predating the very origin of life on Earth”—only 25 of the watches are available for sale. Each individually numbered chronograph is precision cut from olivine basalt stone and crafted by hand in Switzerland over many months. “We are excited to offer this limited edition timepiece, allowing you to own, not only a piece of history, but an ancient relic from our universe’s origin,” Analog writes on its website.


The watch has a price to match—$27,500, which includes a stainless-steel back, a 20-millimeter Italian leather strap, sterling-silver hardware, sapphire crystal, and a certificate of authenticity.

Moon rock falls outside of Analog’s typical milieu. The Philadelphia-based firm typically makes its timepieces from earthly materials such as teak, bamboo, blackwood, and marble.

“Our watches are crafted with all natural materials with the intent of reminding the wearer of the complexity of the natural world,” it says. “We aim to design pieces that let you keep nature close at hand, literally.”

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Still, it appears its comfort zone is expanding, with results that can only be described as out of this world.

“In developing this limited-edition series, we wanted to step beyond our typical unconventional material choices and work with a partner with a long-standing reputation focused on furthering the human mission to understand the nature of our universe,” it adds.

Happy April Fools’ Day.

+ The Lunar Watch $27,500

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