The Red Rail is one emerging fashion label that you won’t find in any store, nor purchase at any price. In fact, the Dutch collective will only consider your patronage if you give it what it thirsts for: your blood. Making its debut at Amsterdam International Fashion Week on Friday, The Red Rail was designed to appeal to—and recruit—a new generation of would-be blood donors, who would have to pony up corpuscles for clothing.

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The Red Rail’s first collection, shepherded by Claes Iversen, consists of 20 ensembles by 18 emerging Dutch designers, including Ellen Benders, Ivona Batuta, Mirte Engelhard, and Studio JUX.

The Red Rail’s first collection consists of 20 ensembles by 18 emerging Dutch designers.

Because of the limited nature of the pieces, a lottery system has been established; to enter, Netherlanders simply have to donate blood within the next six months, then shoot The Red Rail an email with their donor number, contact information, and choice of outfit. Winners will be announced in January 2011.

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