The ladies are raking it in on wearable technology with bras, rings and bracelets leaving the bros behind without any fun accessories. But fear not men, there is a wearable just for you now – the Snaptrax is a Bluetooth enabled hat that will let you make calls, sends texts and control your smartphone. Most of you boys already wear a baseball cap everyday anyways, so you might as well integrate voice controls and a speaker into the brim.

There are a whole host of options to extend the reach of your smartphone through jewelry, watches, rings, and clothes. Now add another one to the mix – a bro-worthy baseball cap complete with ultra-flat brim. Snaptrax is equipped with Bluetooth, microphone and speakers on the hat’s brim and allows for voice control with your phone. With a simple touch of a button near the brim and your voice, you can make and answer phone calls, play music, send texts and emails, create reminders, and even navigate. Snaptrax allows for hands-free control while driving, working out, running, playing video games, and working or whatever it is you boys need both hands to do.

Snaptrax is currently fundraising through a Kickstarter campaign with hats starting at $189. Available in 4 variations on black and red, the baseball cap comes with a charger and will sync up with your phone. Imagine the implications when you can buy one with your favorite team or brand’s logo, your company’s, or even go stealth with all black – you’ll have style and functionality all in the same accessory. We want to make fun of it, but in all reality it seems pretty practical for guys who don’t leave the house without a hat on.

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