We’ve encountered accessories made from living plants before, but an entire dress? That takes a special brand of…oh, dedication. Constructed by Italian designer Linda Schailon—who also makes anemone-like rings from recycled straws—the Sprinkle Dress features a full garden-wire skirt that supports a phalanx of thriving botanicals, all neatly potted in discarded yogurt containers.


Schailon tapped into her childhood princess fantasies, which she recalls with vivid detail, involving “hedges of hawthorn adorned with jewels” and “caressing the grass under the hot sun.” “It would be nice to bring nature to onself, not only in your heart,” Schailon says. “So you can close your eyes and imagine for a moment being in an enchanted place.”

To create the Sprinkle Dress, Schailon tapped into her childhood princess fantasies.

Ballsy fashion statement or portable small-space garden? We’ll leave that up to you, dear reader, to decide.

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