Throughout China, many people rely on hanging clean clothes outside to dry as a simple, cost-efficient way to do laundry. In areas of Southern China where the climate is often damp, there is the domestic challenge of keeping clothes free of moisture. The X&C Quick Assembly Dry Machine, a simple clothes drying rack that incorporates a heated dryer designed by Chinese companies, Beijing Trueheart Culture Development Co. and Ningbo Wanai Electric Appliance Co. provides an innovative solution to the problem while still being economical for many low and medium income families in China.

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The drying machine, which won a Red Dot Design Award in 2013, resembles a simple, enclosed hanging clothes rack and consists of six simple parts that can be easily assembled and disassembled. The X&C derives its name from the ‘X’ cross-connection, a double ‘C’ structure of aluminum alloy tube, and an EVA resin plastic cover that encloses the entirety of the machine. At the top of the cover is a zipper whose ends are integrated with air vents in which the water molecules are expelled. The drying system is simple to manufacture, is lightweight, cost-efficient for consumers and uses basic connection fixings.

The cross bar at the top of the machine serves as the rack where clothes are hung while a minimalistic dryer sits at the base of the machine. The dryer’s arched shape powerfully distributes warm air into all corners of the machine’s interior and reaches up through each hanging garment. The X-shaped aluminum alloy structure of the machine leaves room for simplicity free from unnecessary wires and connections while also efficiently circulating the warm air throughout the enclosed space. Not only does the hanging rack allow clothes to dry quicker but it also maximizes the surface area for drying clothes.

When the dryer is not in use, the unit also functions as a laundry basket simply by folding down the EVA cover. The entire machine can also be easily packed away to save space and is a self-supporting system that does not require additional components. For those dependent on the outside elements as a means to dry clothes, the X&C Quick Assembly Dry Machine provides households with a cost-efficient, simple and fast way to dry clothes while also saving and utilizing space.

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