ThermalTech’s cozy jackets suck up power from the sun to keep you toasty this winter. Sleek and comfortable, the innovative jacket uses smart fabric technology, rather than bulky layers of insulation to keep bodies warm. The solar powered coats transform solar power into heat, keeping you warm on cold winter days.

Dubbed the world’s first solar powered smart fabric, ThermalTech jackets are made up of fabrics made from stainless steel yarn. This high tech yarn can absorb light from both the sun and artificial bulbs, allowing the jackets to work indoors and out, during the day and once the sun has set.

Once activated with a light source, the ThermalTech fabric can take just two minutes to generate heat that is 18 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the outside temperature. While it won’t warm you completely in freezing weather, it can boost enough body heat to keep wearers comfortable and safe.

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In addition to be self-warming, the ThermalTech jackets are completely water-repellent, making for the perfect garment to wear during skiing, snowboarder, or even walking around a cold climate.

Because of the smart tech fabrics, the jackets are lightweight and breathable, making wearers more comfortable then layering up with bulky clothing to keep warm.

ThermalTech has started out with a crowdfunded line of jackets, available through their IndieGoGo campaign, but the company hopes to expand to include solar-warming shirts and pants in the future.

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