Some autistic children wander, unbeknownst to their parents or even themselves, but new GPS wearables can help ease the worries of lost kiddos. Independence Day Clothing is a new line of kids clothes that accommodate a small GPS device to track the wearer’s location. The little device slides into a small, discrete pocket in the shirt or pants so the wearer doesn’t notice it and no one else does either. Classic styles and colors along with reversible designs that can be worn to the front or back to make it easy for kids to dress themselves.

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Independence Day Clothing was started by former CNN correspondent, Lauren Thierry, whose teenage son, Liam, has autism. She started the line of clothing to help parents keep track of their kids and reduce worry. Taking advantage of new and smaller GPS devices, the company designs classic clothes that feature a small pocket to hold the tracker. The pocket is designed to be discrete so no one notices the device and even the wearer can’t feel it either. Independence Day has partnered with Phoenix 5 Global Tracking to manage the tracking of the devices and parents can sign up for a subscription serve to locate their child via a computer or their smart phone.

Beyond the wearable technology integrated into the clothing, Independence Day has been careful to design the clothes to meet the needs of kids with autism. The fabrics are super soft and not scratchy so they won’t bother those who are sensory sensitivities. Reversible designs for pants and shirts allow kids to dress themselves and not worry about putting things on backwards. The designs are meant to be classic and durable so as to not go out of style and be worn a long time.

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Shirts start at $58 directly on Independence Day’s website and GPS-tracking service has a one-time activation fee of $69.95 plus a $14.95 monthly subscription. The company will soon be releasing jackets, a bralet, skirts, gym pants and shorts, and cargo shorts.

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