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On the heels of Black Friday and into holiday shopping season, a new app will let Australian shoppers make more ethical choices. Good on You not only clues in shoppers on the ethics of 3,000 fashion brands, but also gives ethical suggestions to match any style or budget. Smart shoppers can download the totally free app that puts ethical standards first, in a searchable guide to consumers’ favorite brands.

Created by non-profit Ethical Consumers Australia, Good on You gives incite in popular fashion brands found in Australian shopping centers. By searching the app, shoppers can check up on the environmental impact of fashion brands, as well as standards of labor and animal treatment. Armed with these issues at their fingertips, shoppers can make ethical and sustainable decisions at their favorite stores.

Good on You lists 3,000 popular Australian brands, giving ethical ratings for 1,000 of them, gathering and organizing publicly sourced information so you don’t have to research yourself.

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The five-point system is labeled plainly, with “Great, “Good,” “It’s a Start,” “Not Good Enough” and “We Avoid.” In order to expand their 1,000 ratings to include their entire roster, the app offers advertising to retailers who rank Great or Good ratings.

These retailers are also thrown into the pool of items that the app suggests- like clothing, footwear and accessories based on values, budget and style.

Although the app is geared toward Australian shoppers, many brands included in the app are international, letting shoppers from around the world benefit from Good on You’s sustainable findings.

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