Amsterdam artists Lernert & Sander’s new piece takes overpriced designer sweaters into their own hands- unraveling them one expensive thread at a time. For Maastricht’s TEFAF Art Fair, the artists featured their latest video series, “Last Season,” where the pair sits across from each other and slowly pull apart the designer threads. Together, the artists deconstructed sweaters by designers like Prada, Jill Sander, Celine and Chloe, rendering them into $1,300 piles of yarn.

The unraveling videos were made by Lernert Engleberts and Sander Plug as part of a commission by the Kiki Niesten store, located in downtown Maastricht. Wanting to create an innovative window display to go along with the TEFAF Art Fair, Kiki Niesten asked the artist duo to make a project using last season’s sweaters, which would also make room for next season’s clothing. Fair goers are known to be Europe’s wealthiest, who would also likely be customers for the expensive sweater stock.

Armed with a bundle of Fall/Winter’s sweaters, which retailed at $1,300 or more, Lernert & Sander slowly took each sweater apart, finally spinning them into neat balls affixed with the sweater’s original designer label. The pieces came apart surprisingly quickly, making the consumer really think about the price linked with each garment. The artists then sold the balls of yarn for undisclosed amounts, along with still photographs of the unraveling process for 750 Euros each.

The artists found the process of taking apart the expensive duds soothing and satisfying, a literal rebellion against the idea of a $1,300 sweater.

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