What if your Tikker, or “death watch,” lets its wearers know how much time they have left, down to the second. Invented by Fredrik Colting, who prefers to call it the “Happiness Watch,” the counting mechanism translates a survey of medical history and habits into a supposed accurate prediction of when you’ll die.

Whether or not consumers want to wear a virtual ticking time bomb remains to be seen, but Colting feels that the Tikker will allow users to cherish the time they have left. To determine their “death date,” the user fills out a complicated questionnaire, highlighting  age, medical history, allergies, and illnesses. The survey also tackles issues like whether users smoke or drink, as well as their exercise habits, weight and family history.

The program then translates the data into a predicted countdown, subtracting the user’s age. The digital watch face then ticks down time, with years, months and days on the top row, hours, minutes and seconds on the middle row, and the local time on the bottom. But will fashionistas want the reminder of mortality on their arms at all times?

Cotling thinks so, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign hoping to net $25,000 to launch the line. Consumers can get their own Tikker for $59, starting April 2014.

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[Via Daily Mail]