Timberland just announced plans to extend its Green Index label, which measures environmental impact of its products, to 100 percent of its footwear line by the end of 2012. (Press release)

Parsons the New School of Design is launching one of the world’s first zero-waste fashion courses next month. Oh, and Scott Mackinley Hahn of Loomstate is one of the instructors. (New York Times)

As China considers implementing an environmental tax, the government has ordered the closure of more than 2,000 companies in 18 different industries, including dyeing and finishing. (Ecotextile News)

Meanwhile, the National Resources Defense Council is widening the scope of its eco-textile program in China. Its goal: To help textile mills reduce their environmental impact and, more important, save money. (WWD)

The staggering demand for fast fashion is driving textile workers in India, Bangladesh, and Cambodia to the brink of starvation. (Guardian)

Forget 3D printing, the future of rapid prototyping is in voxels. (PSFK)

Ah, fickle youth. The shredded clothing trend appears to be over. Or is it? (New York Times)