Warm weather is soclose we can almost taste it! If you’ve been searching for the perfect Marilyn Monroe-sque ensemble (circa Some Like It Hot) for the imminent heat wave, we’d like to introduce you to Titania Inglis’s foxy little eco-jumper. Its sweetheart lines and organic fabrics, tailored to a T in New York City’s Garment District, have us longing for the sun. But it’s hardly the only piece in Inglis’s arsenal that’s frolic-friendly.

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Inglis’s designs are just right for the modern lass. Her short shorts are expertly seamed to streamline your tush (in case you need to bend over a picnic basket for a bottle of lemonade), while her sweet knee-length pants hit your hip in the most flattering way.

To create eye-catching streaks, Inglis uses the sun to heat fabric and corrode metal onto the fibers.

Besides using sustainable textiles like organic linen and Japanese organic cotton, the burgeoning designer also applies vegetable dyes to her pieces. Another method she uses to create eye-catching streaks: Rust dyeing. Inglis spent the past summer on the roof of her Brooklyn apartment building, where she harnessed the sun’s rays to heat fabric and corrode metal onto the fibers.

Although her collection will make you feel like a ’50s movie star, they’re more than just eye candy. Inglis designs all her clothes for practical use. So go play some frisbee—just don’t forget your heels.

+ Titania Inglis