Tommy Hilfiger is testing the wearables market with their new solar powered field jacket. In both a men’s and women’s fit, the jacket generates energy on the go with its built-in flexible solar panels on the back. The solar jackets feature a waterproof upper and a custom tartan wool details. A removable battery pack lightens your load if you don’t need a boost and the best part of all is that 50% of the proceeds of the jacket are donated to the Fresh Air Fund, who helps NYC kids experience being in the outdoors.

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The Solar Panel Jacket by Tommy Hilfiger features flexible solar panels on the back that can generate enough power to recharge a standard smartphone up to four times. The coat also features a removable battery back that has two USB ports to charge two devices at the same time. Take the batter pack out and even remove the solar panels for a jacket without all the technology.

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Pvilion, amanufacturer of lightweight, portable solar products, is responsible for the solar panels. The ladies jacket has a blue nylon waterproof upper with a tartan wool bottom made by Abraham Moon. The men’s version is green with complimenting wool accents. Jackets cost $599 through Tommy Hilfiger and while that’s certainly a pretty penny to dish out, be happy to know that half of that money will benefit NYC kids who want to get out into the country with the help of the Fresh Air Fund.

+ Solar Panel Jacket Men’s; Women’s $599

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