Did anyone see this coming? After months of teasing, TOMS has finally let the cat out of the mystery box: TOMS Eyewear, the no-longer-just-a-shoe-company’s new “one for one.” Much like the footwear that preceded it, the eyewear collection has an altruistic bent. With every pair of $135 TOMS sunglasses you buy, TOMS will fund the gift of sight to a person in need, whether through medical treatment, prescription glasses, or vision-saving surgery.

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Although visual impairment ranks seventh in health disabilities around in the world, according to Blake Mycoskie, the company’s founder and “chief shoe giver,” in most cases it can be prevented or treated. “Ever since 2007, I’ve realized the TOMS ‘One for One’ model could do more than give shoes,” he says in a press release. “Sight is a fundamental need. The loss of sight has a dramatic impact on a person’s life—and on his or her family and community. We’re so excited to help more people in need and for TOMS to give in a whole new way.”

Of the 284 million people across the globe with vision loss, nearly 90 percent live in developing countries.

Of the 284 million people across the globe with impaired vision—18 million of whom are children—nearly 90 percent live in developing countries. Because of their depressed socioeconomic status, two-thirds are women. It’s a difficult cycle to break: Poverty and disease result in vision loss, while blindness and poor vision keep people locked in poverty. With TOMS Eyewear, when one person buys, another is helped through the Seva Foundation, a California-based nonprofit that has administered blindness-prevention and sight-restoration programs for more than 30 years.

Made in Italy, the sunglasses feature hand-painted stripes that symbolize the three elements of “One for One.” The first stripe on the temple represents the buyer (that’s you), the stripe on the tip is the person you’re helping give sight, and the middle one is TOMS, linking you both together. TOMS Eyewear is available at TOMS.com, Nordstrom, and select retailers.

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