Fans of MacGyver’s infamous resourcefulness will revel in these sleight-of-hand tricks anyone can pull off with a hooded sweatshirt. Even the most average of Joes (or Josies) can morph his or her topper into a computer sleeve, backpack, strap bag, pillow, and dare we say it…baby carrier on the fly in mere seconds. Could the hoodie be the cape of the everyman?

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As the above video by Conceptual Devices demonstrates, it takes only 20 seconds to finagle a laptop sleeve using folds any summer Gap associate would deem downright rudimentary. But “Just Undo It”, as the series of instructions is called, isn’t just stunt origami to impress friends and family. We also applaud its underlying message of using what you own to create anything else you need or desire.

“In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable,” says designer Antonio Scarponi.

Designer Antonio Scarponi offers the following food for thought: “In a world full of stuff, smart items should be transformable, editable. They should engage the possibility to be transformed into something else. We do not need a new object. [Rather, we] need to get rid of some of them, to reduce the complex network of things around us.”

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