“Fashion schools and colleges continue to teach young students to become catwalk designers, divas. They keep on being led to believe that what awaits them is a life of fame outside of the rules. …

“Students are being taught to become little Karls, to create clothes, bags, all sorts of accessories for others, to arrange the show, brochures, communications, and photography—all in three years. And during these three years, little time ends up being dedicated to clothes, which are just one element among many.

“This now leads to fashion designers being trained who are not familiar with fabric, who do not know how textiles work or how fibers react. Soon we will only know poplin and the jersey for the rest of our lives. It’s terrifying.”

—Dutch trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, sharing her anti-fashion “manifesto” in Paris before she presents her predictions for the 2016/17 Autumn/Winter season.