Dressing your best for a professional setting while being environmentally conscious has never been simpler with Tuckerman & Co., a line of high-quality dress shirts for men that are made from 100% organic cotton and free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, and toxins. Founded as a venture out of Yale University by a young couple, Tuckerman & Co. aims to change the way clothes are made and worn. Frustrated by the lack of eco-friendly and organic alternatives within the fashion industry, company founders Amanda Rinderle and Jonas Clark set out to create sustainably-made clothing for young professionals without sacrificing quality or style.

“We created this company with a simple goal: to build the highest-quality clothing that could actually make a difference in the world,” write Rinderle and Clark, both also students at Yale’s School of Management. “You’ll look great in our shirts and you’ll feel good knowing it was sustainably produced with uncompromising craftsmanship.”

Each dress shirt made by Tuckerman & Co. is created using high-quality organic cotton sourced from one of Italy’s best broadwoven mills and each design is expertly hand-crafted by local second and third generation garment makers in Falls River, Massachusetts. 

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Initially finding support through a Kickstarter campaign, Tuckerman & Co. has already surpassed their goal of $20,000 to create and produce their line of dress shirts.

The Kickstarter campaign still remains open until November 28, but in the meantime, Rinderle and Clark have been receiving plenty of industry buzz and were recently awarded first place in a business pitch competition by the Association of Yale Alumni. Through the Kickstarter campaign, customers can currently choose from four shirt styles (navy checkered, blue striped, solid blue, or solid white) each at $110.

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Focusing on quality craftsmanship and premium materials, fair labor practices, safe working conditions, and production transparency, Tuckerman & Co. shirts will provide consumers with sustainable, socially conscious clothing that are stylish and actually make a positive environmental impact.

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“We are committed to making the highest-quality products and conducting business in a way that minimized environmental and social harm,” says Rinderle and Clark. “We know that we can’t do it all at once, but we promise to never stop working towards this core aspect of our business. As a Benefit Corporation, we’ve taken this a step further by legally incorporating these principles into our business.”

Driven to resolve the lack of sustainable, eco-friendly clothes for young professionals, Tuckerman & Co. seems to be raising the bar on high-quality alternatives and is also looking to produce more casual men’s shirting and women’s products in the future.

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