Turn your favorite T-shirt into a walking business card with a new mobile app by French company Capturio. The free online service allows you to link any T-shirt of your choice with your contact info. The next time someone wants your digits, say at a party or business conference, all they have to do is snap your picture with their smartphone and text it to Capturio. Et voila, your 411 in an instant. Easy, non?

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Capturio’s premise is simple: Your favorite tee becomes your personal identifier by serving as a Quick Response (QR) code—no crazy Rorschach-like images required. Simply text Capturio a photo of your garment, along with your e-mail address and phone number, to be stored in a database. Likewise, interested parties only have to send your picture [email protected] to trigger an automated response.

Using image-recognition software, Capturio serves up contact details without the need for dead-tree business cards.

The app is cross-platform, meaning it plays well with iPhones, BlackBerries, and Androids alike. Using image-recognition software, plus fast-acting algorithms the company has worked on for years, Capturio serves up contact details without the need for dead-tree business cards or laborious note-taking. Soon, the company plans to roll out Web-based profiles for easy editing, integrate social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and associate more than one T-shirt per profile.

Capturio is more suited to companies and individuals looking to promote themselves, rather than folks who are hoping to make a love connection or two. On the off-chance you experience l’amore at first sight from across the bar? If they’re enrolled with Capturio, you can get their number without resorting to a single cheesy pickup line.

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