The “I’m a Mac” dude and that chick from Twilight want your pants—well, your jeans, if you want to get technical. The actors are raising the flag for Aéropostale and’s Teens for Jeans initiative, which collects gently used denim for 600 local youth shelters. (E! Online)

Oh Lordy. Hot on the heels of H&M and Wal-Mart’s tog-destroying spree is news that the NYPD is ripping up counterfeit clothing instead of—you guessed it—giving it to charity. (The Cut)

What toxic ingredients maketh a modern-day human being? Printed on a fair-trade tee, the results are less than pretty. (Eco-Chick)

Fabrics that improve your complexion? Gloves that boost your skin tone? Color us skeptical, but it sounds like a lot of pseudomedical hokum. (Cosmetics Design)

Quickie couture: For U.K. designer Ursula Pelt, high-end fashion is not moving fast enough. Instead of the traditional biennial fashion cycle, Pelt will be designing a new collection every eight weeks, which works out to six lines each year. We’re not sure if this means fewer looks per collection or if she’s just barking mad. (