Just when you thought shoes couldn’t get any cheesier than Crocs, some students over at Bath Spa University in the UK make a whole line of shoes out of the actual smelly stuff! Somerset cheese manufacturer, Pilgrims Choice, enlisted 50 first-year co-eds from the Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors program to design the fermented footwear as part of a national “cheese couture” competition. We were especially intrigued by Lisa Dillon’s “Jimmy Cheese” platform wedges, which she cobbled together from cheddar and bread. A stale cheese sandwich, in fact, served as part of the sole. And the heel? A sculpted block of the finest West Country cheddar.

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The aspiring designers didn’t stop their fromage fashion at footwear. They also crafted hats, belts and ties out of cheese varieties such as Wensleydale and Double Gloucester. The queso couture will go on display at the Royal Bath & West Show in early June. How will the pieces avoid over-ripening until then? According to the university, the students intend to store their work in a fridge—simple, effective, and hopefully safe from hungry rodents.

+ Bath Spa University