If you’re dying to gatecrash New York Fashion Week but could probably do without the armed escort off the premises, consider taking your enthusiasm virtual. “Catwalk Countdown,” a new PC game by the bloggers at Full Frontal Fashion, puts you in the thick of all the action—no name-dropping necessary. Think The Devil Wears Prada meets the Choose Your Own Adventure books meets The Sims: You play an aspiring fashion designer who must break free from the clutches of your tyrannical employer to make it on your own to Lincoln Center.

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Starting your own label doesn’t come cheap, of course; to raise the capital, you have to toil for your uncle’s Garment District fabric store. You’re also duty-bound as a hip, twentysomething New Yorker to do the things hip, twentysomething New Yorkers do: chill with pals in Williamsburg, sketch at the High Line park, meditate yogi-style to sooth your rankled nerves, and naturellement, blog.

Much of the gameplay refers to vintage or sustainable materials, and you can specialize in eco-fashion.

Much of the gameplay refers to vintage or sustainable materials. (An early task requires you, for instance, to create a belt from recycled components.) More significant, you can choose to specialize in eco-fashion, even as you sacrifice sleep, self-respect, and sanity for one brief, shining moment under the tents. Have some time to kill between sneaking in shows? Play a demo of the game for free online.

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