Le sigh, Untitled 11:11 has us yearning for a Parisian cafe and a glass of wine with its winter-thawing “Into the Woods” collection. And is it any wonder? Designers David Peck and Laurel Anderson, who first met at Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, leave no doubt that La Ville-Lumière informs their work. Brimming with the romantic elegance of Le Champs-Élysées, the duo’s collection mirrors the fluid palette of Mother Nature herself.

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Peck and Anderson make their clothes in New York City using ethical labor and consciously sourced materials, including fair-trade, sustainable and American-made products, whenever possible.

Untitled 11:11’s lines have the effortless beauty of a flower in bloom: structured, yet feminine.

Untitled 11:11’s lines have the effortless beauty of a flower in bloom, with color playing a key and sometimes unexpected role in spicing up the designs. The pieces are a structured yet feminine ode to the city where the designers cut their teeth, striking the perfect balance between a Parisian thoroughfare and a springtime glade.

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