Unu Footwear’s house slipper requires no glue, seams, buttons, or zippers—just a single sheet of die-cut recycled leather. The perfect kick-around shoe, it’s shipped completely flat, which means some assembly is required before you can slide your weary foot inside. The flat-pack design was achieved by breaking the shoe down into its basic elements, then reworking the pattern so it fit on one piece of material. Waste reduction was definitely on Unu’s mind—even the packaging tube is recycled (and recyclable).

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To create Unu’s slipper, designer Robert Hankey deconstructed the physical concept of the shoe into its constituent parts. (The original design, conceived in collaboration with Fauzi Fahm, was a paper-and-cardboard model.) Thanks to a series of interlocking tabs, the shoe can be wrapped around your foot in two minutes or less sans tools, adhesives, or stitching.

The slipper is meant to engage you in the act of creation, thereby increasing your sense of ownership.

Although it’s designed to be comfortable and durable, the Unu slipper is also meant to engage you in the act of creation, thereby increasing your sense of ownership. “Unu Footwear also intends to highlight the complexity of our build environment,” the company notes, “and to extend consumers’ appreciation of the physical quality in the products that surround us.”

The shoe is available in small, medium, and large sizes, as well as your choice of natural (a light tan) and black (technically a mid-gray) colors.

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