We can’t decide what’s more impressive: the ingenuity of the designers behind this MacGyvered “doggie pack,” or the fact that they came up with a prototype in less than 24 hours. Kathryn Klebenow, Ricardo Rico, Elaine Boone, and Marek Moffett, students at Auburn University’s department of industrial design, snagged first place in the “Designing Green” competition in February. Since the waste-reducers at TerraCycle co-sponsored the event, participants were charged with creating a product from an assortment of recycled materials: tents, scrap leather, and cork.

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The result? A traveling gear any pup would be happy to go walkies with, complete with a harness-carrier, a leash, a reflective collar, hook-on storage bags, and emergency booties stuffed with ground cork to act as flotation aids.

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“Each product was hand and machine sewn by the team using strategically chosen zippers, hooks, clasps, loops, etc.,” Klebenow writes on her Coroflot portfolio.

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