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Sustainable shoppers in Madison, Wisconsin have enjoyed trading in quality clothing at Upshift, but soon swap savvy shoppers across the country will be able to join in. Started by Lindsay Leno, the shop offers customers a chance to trade their used duds for new-to-them clothing for a swap fee. Upshift’s online version will be even more bespoke, giving shoppers a personal stylist that will hand-pick gently used items and ship personalized looks right to your door.

Imagine an endless clothing swap, without any of the stained or ill-fitting clothes that some guests always seem to bring. For just $20, Upshift shoppers in Madison get to unload their clothing they’ve worn too much, outgrown, or never worn, and trade it in for someone else’s looks- all while sipping on complimentary wine.

Swappers around the country can now join the party. Leno’s new online swap service combines the sustainability of her clothing trade shop, with the custom styling services of subscription fashion services like StitchFix and Le Tote.

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Would-be swappers fill out an online survey covering everything from size to favorite stores, occupation and coveted items. $49.99 covers the custom-picked styling, along with a shipping label to send in used items, as well as shipping back.

After a few days, the shopper receives a package, full of hand-picked items chosen by Upshift’s stylist staffers. Not only do Upshift customers enjoy the benefits of clothing recycling, they are also treated to a surprise of personalized fashion right to their door.

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