You know you should wear sunscreen and you probably do, but remembering to reapply is another story. Enter the smart bikini that sends an alert to your phone when you’ve had too much sun. Spinali Design has just released a line of customizable bikinis with an integrated UV sensor and associated app. Enter your skin type into the app and it along with the sensor will keep track of your time in the sun and tell you when its time to reapply sunscreen.

Being outside all day isn’t great for our skin and sunscreen only works for a few hours before you need another slathering. Often times its too late and we get sunburnt, but wearable technology like this smart bikini could help clue us in before we turn into a lobster. Spinali Design has a new line of swimwear with a connected UV sensor in the bottoms that monitors exposure during the day. Connected to an iOS or Android app that knows your skin type, the sensor sends an alert when its time to either reapply or get out of the sun. There is also a ‘Valentine’ function that will send an alert to a friend so they know its time to apply more sunscreen.

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Spinali Design offers customers a variety of styles for interchangeable tops and bottoms as well as one piece suits. Enter your measurements to get a suit that fits perfectly and matches your taste with different colors. If the suits aren’t your style, Spinali also offers towels with integrated UV sensors that work the same as the swimwear. Swimsuits start at $167 and towels are $111 available on Spinali Design.

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