Valérie Pache is the wing beneath our wings…paraglider wings, that is. The French designer turns castoff parachutes, retired paraglider sails, and end-of-roll fabrics into sartorial flights of fancy. “This material is there, there’s a lot of it, and it’s free,” Pache says in a video interview with Shamengo. “And to offer it a second life—a good life—is something I can really put a lot of myself into.”


Pache’s specialty is special-occasion dresses, wedding gowns among them, but they’re definitely statement pieces that aren’t for the weak of heart. “People are very surprised to see dresses in this material, especially paragliders who have no idea what can be done to give a second life to their sails,” she says. “And that seems to make them really happy.”

+ Valérie Pache