If winter’s swift approach is throwing you into a state of wardrobe panic, allay your cold-weather woes by turning to someone who knows a thing or two about below-freezing temps. Meet Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who after years of battling the bitter Chicago winters and searching for the perfect topper, founded Vaute Couture, a well-edited line of chic, easy-to-wear, and remarkably warm vegan coats.

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After a year in the making, Vaute Couture’s first collection launched for Fall/Winter 2009 with four limited-edition styles, all of which are fairly produced in Hilgart’s hometown of Chicago. The coats, which are made of a new weather-resistant Polartec fabric and lined in Teijin’s Recycled Closed Loop Zero Waste Satin Ripstop, are 100 percent recyclable, 100 percent warm, and with sustainability and animal rights at the core of the company’s philosophy, 100 percent thoughtful.

Vaute Couture’s coats are 100 percent recyclable, 100 percent warm, and 100 percent thoughtful.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and and activist mindset, Hilgart and Vaute Couture are blowing a little breeze through the fashion industry that we hope will one day turn to gusts—in the name of love, life, and fashionable warmth.

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