Photos by Jessica-Joan Causing

Vaute wants to bring out your inner animal. The vegan-friendly brand has teamed up with illustrator Mia Mandela to create a series of tees, tanks, and crewneck sweatshirts inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Printed in Brooklyn on organic-cotton and recycled-polyester fabric, the tops honor Vaute’s part-Chinese roots. “As an animal lover, I wanted to celebrate both my Taiwanese momma and all the animals that are represented by the Zodiac,” Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, the label’s founder, tells Ecouterre. “Mia did beautiful watercolors of each animal to represent the trials and strengths of each one.”

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Plus, a portion of each purchase benefits the National Anti-Vivisection Society’s “Sanctuary” Fund, an emergency-assistance program that serves animals in situations requiring immediate intervention.

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Folks born in the Years of the Dog, Rat, Dragon, Monkey, Goat, and Ox get to call first dibs. “We’ll be releasing the other six animals over the next few months,” Hilgart adds, “some with support for more favorite nonprofits.”

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