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With a name that means “warrior” in Sanskrit, Veerah’s mission is to offer luxury shoes that women can not only feel good about buying but wearing, as well.

Available in four different heel heights, each pump features such cushy details as memory foam at the ball, heel, and arch; impact-absorbing cushioning; and a flexible outsole that is water-resistant and anti-slip.

The shoes designed to be versatile, so you can achieve multiple looks without buying more shoes.

The shoes are clad in materials that are equally thoughtful, including organic cotton, recycled polyester (derived from post-consumer plastic bottles), cork, vegan calfskin, and vegan microfiber suede.

Named after “strong, fearless females” like Aubrey Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Florence Nightingal, Maya Angelou, and Mulan, the shoes designed to be versatile, so you can achieve multiple looks without buying more shoes.

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Every style includes a set of removable, multi-use accessories: ankle straps that covert into bracelets, for instance, or lace-up tassels that double as belts.

Additional accessories can be purchased separately, allowing for “constant transformation” and a spirit of reinvention, according to Chang.

Plus, there’s a philanthropic component to the business, specifically a partnership with She’s the First, an organization that helps provide scholarships to girls in low-income countries.

“I created Veerah in order to merge style, quality, and compassion for wise women today, while giving them something functional at the same time and am so excited at what we’ve been able to develop,” Chang told us. “Hopefully the brand fills that void for so many women out there.”

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