Vega Zaishi Wang’s “Alpha Lyrae” collection wouldn’t look out of place on the set of TRON 3. Named for one of the celestial bodies in our night sky, the eight-piece lineup harnesses electroluminescent technology to evoke the haunting beauty of the cosmos. The garments made their official debut in September at The Creators Project event in Beijing, where Wang teamed up with UFO Media Lab, electronic musician Zhang Shou Wang, and the lighting wizards at Top Right Optoelectronics to create an immersive, three-dimensional environment for her otherworldly designs. Consider this one small step for a fashion designer, one giant leap for fashion design.

Vega Wang is fashion designer based in Beijing with a BA in Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins. Upon graduation in 2008 she began her fashion line, Vega Zaishi Wang, which is known for purity of tone, exceptional handicraft, and a quiet charm. Her latest project sponsored by VICE and Intel is an exploration of the universe and its vastness as seen through fashion. Taking inspiration from space, her own name and the constellation Lyra (goddess of wearing in Chinese astronomy), Wang designed the Alpha Lyrae line.

Wang teamed up with Top Right Optoelectronics to create the luminous dresses. Silk is printed with images of various constellations, nebulas and other universe inspired visions. Then electroluminescent paper, which is both lightweight and flexible, is used to back the silk. Programmed controllers power the luminous dresses, which when lit up, reveal the depths of the universe. Wang’s Alpha Lyrae experiential fashion line premiered in September at The Creators Project: Beijing 2012 in collaboration with musician Zhang Shouwang and UFO Media Lab.

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