Vitals tracking just got a whole lot more intimate, thanks to the new “Incredible” sports bra from Victoria’s Secret. Designed to provide “maximum support” for running, boxing, and other high-impact workouts, the undergarment features detachable electrodes that clip onto most leading brands of heart-rate monitors, according to the lingerie retailer. Because the sensors slot directly into the bra band, no additional belt or strap is required. Equally important, it’s machine-washable.

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Available in your choice of two colors—pink (“Hello Lovely”) and gray (“Black Marl”)—the bra packs your typical underwear selling points, including sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry, breathable padding, and bonded, seamless technology to reduce irritation.

Still, Victoria’s Secret’s foray into wearable technology seems a little—pun intended—half-hearted. Considering its breadth of resources, the company could have opted for a fully integrated solution.

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It doesn’t even have to reinvent the wheel: In 2012, engineers from the University of Arkansas developed a series of wireless textile sensors capable of transmitting the wearer’s vitals to a physician, hospital, or smartphone in real time. The researchers even suggested finessing the system in the form of a bra for women or a vest for men.

The Incredible isn’t the first of its kind, either. Sensoria markets a Bluetooth-compatible sports bra that is virtually identical in function.

Victoria’s Secret has one thing going for it, however: price. Sensoria’s version costs $79. And although the Incredible debuted at $72.50, it’s currently on sale for $30.

+ Incredible Sports Bra $$72.50-$75.50

+ Victoria’s Secret