Eco-fashion scored a major coup when Bloomingdales hosted The GreenShows EcoLux Pop-Up Shop in New York City over Earth Day. But if you missed the memo, don’t despair. We’ve captured some of the event’s finest moments, along with the excitement and adrenaline we felt, in our video above. Listen in as Jill Fehrenbacher, our founder and editor-in-chief, chats with Mark Tomlin, general manager of Bloomingdales, as well as participating designers such as Belinda Pasqua of The Sway, Tara St. James of Study NY, Beryl Man of Ajna, Samantha Pleet, and Suzanne Rae. Find out what it took to put together the temporary boutique, their expectations for a greener fashion future, and whether “eco” needs a new buzzword.